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September 28, 2005


 12 stones Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

find out more at:  

Emery’s fall tour - The Grab Your Guns Tour - is about ready to start. Joining them until October 9 will be
As Cities Burn. Get tour dates here. As for how to get free extras from the band and information on the new release, The Question, you can go to the album's site, the-question.net.

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Don’t forget that we are getting closer to the October 4 release of the expanded edition of Letters to the President by Hawk Nelson. Earlier this year the guys filmed a part in the upcoming movie Yours, Mine, and Ours. That is still scheduled to be in theaters later this fall.

 MuteMath fans were happy to hear that they guys are all safe with a place to stay until it's safe to go home to New Orleans. You can read the band's full update on devastation from Hurrican Katrina through mutemath.com. Still scheduled to start on October 8 is their fall tour with Mae.




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